Happy Valentines Day!

Loads of snow dumped on us this week gave us just the excuse and time to do some sewing with the Two Peas.  They love it although one of them is a bit afraid of it.  She frequently reminds me of the scene in one of the American Girl movies where a child is sewing in a factory and sews over their finger.  Hence her fear.

Anyway, last year we made Valentines card boxes for their class party by covering a cereal box with fabrics.  This year, I had the great idea to make one of those fabric organizer boxes.  Only I didn't have a pattern - like usual.  And I searched some tutorials and I couldn't actually find one that was any good.  I only spent like 4 minutes looking - I was sure I could figure it out on my own.  If you know of one, please share!  (I did find this one which would be great for a baby gift but way more complicated than I was looking for this project.  I needed quick!)

I should mention here I don't do math in my head.  Or on paper.  Very well.  Not my strong point.

And these tutorials never specified any sizes just a choose your size then do this...blah, blah.  I need EXACT details...left up to me, um, you could be asking for disaster.  When it comes to numbers.

So, with that in mind, I mismeasured on the first box.  Duh?!  It was a rectangle, not square.  But, it's still super cute.   I have to say, I just stand over the top of the peas and help them not sew over their fingers.  They do the rest.  Getting better everyday.

Do you want to know how we did it?  Me too.  I'm gonna make one more and make sure I get my measurements correct on all the parts and pieces and then I'll share it with you.  And I'll have exact measurements for you so there will be no confusion!  These boxes would be great for all kinds of things where you need some storage!

For now, our family wishes you love and peace and all the happy hugs you can stand on this Valentines Day.  Snuggle with your sweeties, eat chocolate and have a really great day.

Valentines Day 2010 is my 12th wedding anniversary.

I have the greatest guy on earth.  In many ways but I love it when he spoils me.  Did I tell you?  This week after dinner I commented that I had printed off a Dairy Queen blizzard coupon to use sometime.  I went up to take a bath after dinner and when I came back down he said he had to run out...and came back with blizzards for all.   He's sweet that way.  We don't actually have any plans just yet because with all this snow we can't really get any of the grandparents over to help watch kids for us to get away but I hope to at least sneak off for a nice dinner sometime soon with my hubby of 12 years.