Oh Day 6 - how wonderful you are...

So after a hectic, um, year...I'm trying to unwind a bit and relax before the holidays.  And thus...I'm on day 6 of nothingness. Today's nothingness included a trip to Yellow Springs.  We went to Clifton Mill for lunch to celebrate my Dad's birthday.

And I ate THIS - all by myself.  Oh yes I did!

And then ate some of these.  Plenty of room on my hips for these babies.We shopped here. Very cool.  All handmade stuff.  I bought some fun things that I can't show because "somebody" might be reading this and it might ruin a Christmas surprise.

And I found some adorable stocking stuffers here.  Remember the little critter cuffs I made yesterday?  I was wearing one today and the nice lady working there commented she loved it - so I took it off and gave it to her.  Fun to do unexpected nice things like that.  And she unexpectedly did something nice for me.  She gave me two little rings for the peas for their stockings.  So cool.  Great little store.

Yellow Springs is known for being "an artist colony" so to speak.  It's full of galleries and cool shops, great restaurants, and the rumor is there are some pretty famous writers and artists that live there that like to keep it on the down low.  That's the rumor at least.

It was a fun little day trip.

My plan for nothing tomorrow is to do nothing.  I can't wait!  I'm getting a little hooked at no responsibilities or commitments.  Not as hard as I thought it would be.  I could do this for like another month or two I think.  :>)

I'm thinking about doing a tutorial.  Is there anything you've seen here you would love to know exactly how I did it?  Let me know and I'll see what kind of coherent instructions I can come up with!

Wait - that would require me to do something and I'm supposed to be doing nothing.  Scratch that.  I will not write a tutorial so don't leave me a comment for something I won't do when I'm supposed to be doing nothing - or pretend it's opposite day and do it anyway and that way I can say, but "they" asked me to!  I couldn't ignore their pleas, could I?  Pathetic, I know.

Tomorrow is it!  The Bows and Blossoms giveaway.  Last chance to enter to win this adorable hat! <= click there to go and enter!

And the rumor on the street is that the Where Women Create 12 Days of Christmas giveaway is now 16 days!  You should see the stuff over there!  Jewelry, fabrics, pottery, amazing stuff.  Just click the cute little icon => over there in the sidebar at the top.  You'll go right to all the goodies!  (cute little bag and stuff from me too - are you sick of hearing me say this?  I get a lot of new daily readers - sorry to sound like a broken record)