Little the ocean. Ocean, this is little pea.

20 AG doll aprons had to made the day before we left for our excursion I was working so hard so that our family could enjoy a little R&R.

...and loads of inventory for shows.  Come find this purse Sept 26-28 at the Tuttle Mall in Dublin, OH at a center kiosk.

If you are also a mompreneuer like me, you know that there really are very little days off.  I work at the university 3 days a week and then 4 days a week, into the wee wee hours, I'm sewing, designing, sketching, blogging, filling orders and on and on and on...

So, I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to go to the coast for some rest and fun.  AND I didn't even bring my sewing machine with me, can you believe it?!  A true break.  So rare.  I'll share more later from our little trip

I love this photo because if you look way out in the distance you can see the gardener with our two peas out in the water.

but here's some evening photos of our littlest pea meeting the ocean.

Sand...a whole new texture we haven't explored before.

The sun is almost the reflection in the water