143 days until Christmas!

AHHH!  Ok, so 143 days SOUNDS like it's far off but it's really not!  Especially when your days are scheduled tight already from here until then!  I have a few more trunk shows to get through and a weekend at the mall at a kiosk I'm sharing with my Bows and Blossoms friend in September and THEN a vacation, oh yes, finally!!  AND THEN, I'm done with custom orders as of October 31st.  I want to be sure to have your orders back to you by Thanksgiving and then I want to I can NOT wait to go to the beach.  Haven't been on a vacation in almost 2 years!

relax with my family over the holidays and start working on my book.  (OHH, too many things going on around here - still tweaking my fabric designs - still chatting with textile company reps and hoping to pitch a book idea I've been kicking around for awhile).  Oh, did I mention?  I'm hoping to teach a class too at a new sewing studio opening in town.  More on that later...

So the jist is...that is you want a custom order, now is the time to start thinking about that and place your order soon!  I've been working on some great little skirts lately so if you're thinking "back to school"  - you gotta check out these patchwork skirts and add a cute little peace sign tee shirt to go with it.  Love it!

Later this week I'll post that pillowcase tutorial, but just sayin...check out new stuff over in my etsy shop and bookmark my new dot com because pretty soon, it will be fully loaded and ready to go.  I'll be putting less stuff in my etsy store towards October and more, ready to go items over there in the dot com store.

Catch ya later!