{Deep breath...close eyes...finding my happy place}

Happy little quilt

OK...so super Mom I am not.  I find myself most days wearing many hats and balancing spinning plates and somehow, something always seems to crash.

Case in point.  Last week, I had just come back from a week off to work on rehabbing a rental property we own.  Way behind on stuff - for my day job, not sewing.  I had a lovely new student worker start with me.  Wonderful!  Wonderful to have help and she is just a peach!  But, on Tuesday, I got called away to go out of town.  My Dad had a heart attack and had surgery.  Not so wonderful.

He's home now and recovering, thank goodness.  Nothing else happened last week accept taking care of the kids and keeping updated on him.

So lots of plates got dropped and broke.  Today, I started out cutting orders and as always, began to "multitask".  Do you know what multi tasking is?  It's doing too many things at once and completing none of it.  Ugh!  So I am cutting orders for bags and the like and two lovely little fabrics landed side by side.  Well of course, they were SCREAMING to be cut and stitched together asap.  You know, just a quick little bag.  Mind you, again, no pattern and it drives me nuts.  Do I know how to make these bags with the circle handles?  Uh, no.  But my friend Kris has been making them and said they are easy and I could whip it up in no time and she even showed me how.  Check out her cuties here.

Yeah, like 2 hours later I finally finish mine.  Hello?  Is there a tutorial out there somewhere on these cuz I could use one!

There must be an easier way!  Pretty though huh?

While doing that I completly fused a giant piece of interfacing to my ironing board.  Fabulous!  This was because the baby was fussing and not taking her nap and I was very distracted.

Let's see what else...my house looks like a nuclear bomb went off.  I have laundry piled up to the roof tops.  The counter top is covered in school papers from summer school.  The dishes are never all done.  I haven't caught up on my blog.  My website, my dot com, is not done yet.  My husband is feeling neglected.  My kids are feeling neglected.  My work has been neglected.  Argh!  I can not multi task.  Deep breath.  Heavy sigh.

And so, my goal this week is to just stop.  Take a breath.  Schedule my days better and try to do my best on ONE thing at a time and complete that ONE thing until it is done.  Very hard for me.  I'm a spaz.

For Charlotte

I did get this pretty little wall quilt done for a customer to hang in her nursery.  Isn't it sweet?

And I did design a new bag lately.  I call her Savannah.

Sweet little Savannah

So let's make a pact Moms.  Let's slow down.  Eat ice cream.  Enjoy the pool.  Let the house be dirty.  Let a few plates fall to the ground.  And enjoy the summer and our families before they are gone.  Kids grow too fast.  Seasons change in a blink of an eye.  I just want to sit on my porch swing and watch the trees sway in the wind and listen to my kids laugh.  Laugh while they are folding laundry and putting away dishes.  Oh, wouldn't that be nice to have some help?!  : )  I'm working on them...

Hope all is well with you!  If you've been waiting on packages from me - I had lots of giveaways going out - they should be on on your doorsteps any moment.  They went out last week.  Hope you love them!


xoxo  Trish