{Bad blogger, baaaddd!}

I know, I know...I've gotten behind.  I'll blog more later...I promise. The girls are in swim team which is very time consuming with practice in the morning and the evening and quite frankly, they are just home.  Enough said...right?  I mean, I'm making full out fancy lunches to keep them fueled for practice and really, my only "me" time for sewing, which is really for everybody else as I'm working on orders, is during nap time.  Of which, I am blessed to say that around 2pm, the baby, AND the twins AND the hubby are all usually asleep for a good hour or so.

My little apprentice helping me with my Sew Serendipity pattern

I'm doing trunk shows again this summer and I'm making a new top to wear to these shows.  I got this pattern from Sew Serendipity and I picked out 3 fabrics from Amy Butlers Daisy Chain line to go with it.  I'll share when I get it done...you can see the baby is my little helper, reading at such an early age and helping me to figure out button holes.  yuck, right?!

And I did get a slew of those notebook covers done for my girls teachers just in time for the last day of school.

Notebook covers

I have a handful of new bag designs I'm working on.  A hobo bag that my friend said it looked like the snap flap on it was a maxi pad - oh thanks Renee : ) SOOOO I'll be reworking that little design into something um, a little more pleasing of a shape.

Also trying out new ideas for backpacks.  Had a vision last night of how to put a zipper top on it but it would actually be on the front panel...hmm, gonna try that one out tomorrow.  Cross my fingers it works.

When I get a bit more time, I'll post more and share more.  Hope the start of your summer is going well.  Keep in touch and don't forget our monthly giveaways!  Set of market bags this month from recycled fabrics - Go Green!

xoxo, Trish