{My sweet little one turns one...}

MMM! Cake!  She didn't actually like the cake - just the frosting and the ice cream. My sweet little Sprout turned one over the weekend.  We had a little lunch party with family and then went to see the twins in a musical, Noyee's Fludde, at church.  Big crazy day but fun!

The best is that the day was so sunny and perfect we went outside.  I "tried" to put Sprout in the grass and she completely freaked out.  Wouldn't let her feet touch, started to shake, cry, wave her hands about wildly.  Is this a common baby thing?  I mean, we LIVE outdoors so this can't be good...

Her favorite gift - a toothbrush.  She LOVED the toothbrush that her Grandma gave her - it was too funny!  Would NOT let it go, for ANYTHING!

In case you can't tell, they were wolves - you know, two by two, they went into the Ark.  This was my feeble attempt at a costume!

I also tried to come up with a couple of new designs...which requires several tries typically.  Hence why this little purse went to a friend of the neighbor to give her little girl.  I know, I know...it's lopsided.  Hello?!  That's why its a design sample!  I freehand cut this stuff and who knows what will happen with it.  Any thoughts?  Like, love, hate?  Not sure where to go with this one...

New crazy design...hmmm, back to the drawing board

The little wristlet one I like very much - but it is also all crazy lopsided.  I'll figure it out sooner or later.

Be sure to check out the etsy site because I have loaded both adult and kids embellished vintage like shirts over there - they are $15 and $16 and right now, FREE SHIPPING!  Can't beat it for cute-ness like this and I'll have more designs coming soon.

Love this fabric from Robyn Pandolf

At the moment, I've been busy with color palettes, and naming collections, and looking over proofs for my fabric designs.  Quilt Market is in a couple of weeks and I'm gonna try like heck to get in there and get on board with one of the textile mills to produce my designs.  Wish me luck - prayers preferred since really luck has nothing to do with it.  The gardners' Aunt Carla is coming with me to help with Sprout while I'm chatting up with design directors.

It's been fun to choose my colorways and see my artwork get digitized.  I just hope somebody else likes it besides me!

Anybody using the placemat tutorial I posted?  Share your photos if you do!  Later this week I'll post our April giveaway winner so stay tuned and don't forget to keep in touch!  We'll have something else fun to giveaway for May - one of my t-shirts!

Happy Monday,

Trish xo