Contagious in Columbus

Ohio Statehouse

I bet you think I have fallen off the face of the earth, eh?  Almost.  Heavens...all 5 of us in the family got nasty colds and from there all heck broke loose.  I ended up with strep throat and was out, flat out, for 6 days and the twins ended up with pnuemonia.  Even the baby got an ear infection.  All is well now...we are on the mend, thankfully.

So much to write about I don't think I possibly can get it all in!  First, before we all got sick...we played hookey!  Oh yeah!  I decided we needed to do our own little field trip and so I took the little ladies out of school to attend the dress rehearsal of Alice in Wonderland put on by BalletMet.  It was great!  Amazing effects - the girls loved it!  photo4In front of the NBC 4 on the Square studio downtown


Abe Lincoln?


We walked a bit around downtown.  The girls loved it - they even started yelling when they saw the NBC studios - our own little mini times square kind of affair.  So cool! After, we hopped across the street to our statehouse and wondered around.  How cool is it to just walk in your statehouse and meander any old place you want?  Too fun!  Wait?!  Is that Abe Lincoln?  No...just pea goofin off in the gift shop.  They have a bunch of programs planned for Abe's 200th and of course, what celebration of Abe Lincoln would be complete without the hat?

We had lunch, and ice cream of course!  And the next day a fun day at the waterpark - Coco Key at the Cherry Valley Lodge.  Clean, nice - loads of fun and probably where we picked up our mega germs as we all were sick 2 days later.  Oh well!

Not much sewing or anything going on lately.  Some design work coming along -


Coco Key

Inside of Little Sophie

a sweet "Little Sophie" bag went to an expectant Mom recently.  I'm still taking individual custom orders if you are interested...let me know.

Little Sophie

I'll try to be more current with my postings from now on...send me "good germ" vibes, would ya?