Bows and Blossoms

This is Suann's uber cutie little girl.  Suann lives up in Marysville and has this awesome hairbow business.  I couple of posts ago, I put up a photo of my little one with a hairbow...this is one I purchased from Suann.  They stay in even in super fine baby hair. Anyway, Suann ordered a mommy and me purse set from me and I added in with her purchase a little dress for her daughter.  Suann made this adorable bow to go along with the dress.  I love it!  I love being able to find things handmade and made locally.  So share this link with your other "mommy friends".  When you order something from Suann - she sends it to you in this adorable little box, wrapped so pretty - it's like getting a gift!

As the snow falls outside my office window here on campus, and my baby is talking to her dolls on the floor here...and the big sisters were just dismissed early from school...I'm thinking we had better wrap things up and start heading home while we still can.  I love LOVE LOVE snow but hate driving in it, especially when I have the kids with me.  I think the baby could stay here all day - she gets loads of attention from everyone that walks by my office door...and the students think its funny that my office is set up like a nursery.  Hey, it works and everybody is happy!

Happy Snow day all!

Ciao, TRP